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    Extensive Experience in fashion and editorial

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    DIY Makeup Tuition

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    Bridal Hair and Make up

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. . Thank you very much for all your support and effort into the three day intensive course. I absolutely had a ball! You were a great teacher who was extremely approachable and open for any questions with a ‘no question is silly’ policy. Your approach to teaching was very professional with a relaxed attitude, just what I was looking for!

. . . I don’t know where to start with your make up product ‘mik@vonk’ it feels amazingly soft on the skin it is absolutely beautiful! It works on all skins types and I highly recommend the primer! With all the variety of make up choices mik@vonk provide, I have recommended it to friends, family and now thanks to Jay Jay my own clients. .

Em x

. . . I met Jay Jay whilst attending the MAKEUP ARTIST COURSE she offers at her Bondi address. Jay Jay is most experienced in her field and therefore posesses many valuable tips and tricks to offer students in addition to the scheduled lesson content.

The course was held over several weekends, and was later examined. Jay Jay also keeps her student contact details on hand for any work experience jobs that become available to her during and after the course.

Ideally what I enjoyed about this course is the one on one attention we received whilst learning the practical, artistic and theoretical side of makeup artistry. I have since worked on some interesting people including, ‘up and coming’ stage actors, TV personalities and singers. This course met my expectations. . .


“ . . . I attended Jay Jay’s Sydney Makeup School after a month of research into various makeup schools and by this time had decided the Sydney Makeup School was the one for me. I looked at Jay Jay’s clients and portfolio and I was impressed by the quality of her work. The classes are relaxed, friendly but still remain professional and Jay Jay will always recommend students document their work.

Jay Jay is a teacher with twenty years of practical experience under her belt, she is a working makeup artist and works fashion shows, photo shoots, television and bridal. I found her knowledge in the makeup industry to be of great help to improving my skills, I also appreciate that throughout the course work experience is provided and for this I am very thankful. After the course finishes, Jay Jay remains in contact with her students and will recommend her students with work and work experience. 

I would recommend the Sydney Makeup School for people just getting started in the makeup industry who want to fine tune their skills. Jay Jay is a sincere teacher and for those wanting small classes with quality learning in a boutique style school, this may be the course for you. . . “


. . . Sydney Make Up School was an incredible institute as it was a positive environment which encouraged me to learn new things. Jay was approachable and created a calm and easy going atmosphere which made me look forward to attending each week. It was a pleasant experience that I would recommend to anyone. It didn’t feel as though I was at a school, but instead a home, where I felt a warm vibe which fuelled my desire to learn about the application of makeup.

The tutor delivered and demonstrated the course efficiently which made me feel comfortable and allowed me to better my understanding on the application of makeup. The techniques which were used were what stood out to me as it was not only efficient but easy to understand and I was able to grasp concept well as well as improving my previous knowledge. . .


“ . . . I did the course in March 2011. The atmosphere of the small boutique style classes meant Jay Jay was able to assist each and every student individually. Everything that I needed to learn to start up my business in the industry was covered in this short course leaving out no details. I’m amazed by how much I learned in just six weeks! Jay Jay was also very helpful afterwards providing opportunities for work experience well after I completed the course. I would definately recommend this course for anyone looking to enter the Make-up industry. . . ”


. . . I started the course with Makeup School Sydney in June 2011. I found the course very beneficial. Our class was given the opportunity in our third week to do makeup for Keune Hair Show which was fantastic, we really got to see how the industry works and for me I got an understanding on how to mix my foundation colours to achieve the perfect colour for each model.

Our classes were small so it allowed us to have one on one time with Jay who explained to us the proper techniques or how to fix what we may have done incorrect. Jay also was able to give us proper positive feedback which was really good because I did not feel like I was another pupil in a massive class being overlooked. I also liked the fact Jay did not try to push her products at us, it made me personally feel like she was not just about making money, she was there to teach us and build a proper teacher/student relationship with us.

I personally find Mik @ Vonk products great and will continue to use throughout my career. The products, kit and course was very affordable and the flexible hours Jay has set up really fit in with my work schedule. I would definitely recommend Makeup School Sydney to anyone who wanted to get a kick start into the Makeup Industry. . .

Certificate II in Design and Applying Makeup – Makeup School Sydney