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Wedding Makeup Artist Sydney – Over 20 Years Experience | Jay Jay

Jay Jay Leading Wedding Makeup Artist Sydney


Getting married is a big thing, and it involves a lot of preparation. From the guest list, to the transport to and from the wedding, there are a lot of things to consider. The bride in particular, will have a lot of things to think about when it comes to hair, the dress, shoes, and makeup. That is why it pays to have someone you can trust do your makeup for you. Jay Jay is an internationally trained wedding makeup artist based in Sydney. For over 20 years, Jay Jay has been offering her services as a trained hair and makeup artist. Her career is exceptional. After graduating from extremely prestigious makeup school, Ecole de Vasagiste de Christian Chavaux, Jay Jay went on to work all over the world.

When you are choosing a makeup artist for your wedding in Sydney, you will want to choose an artist with experience and an excellent track record. Having provided her services to over 700 weddings, and 20 magazine covers, Jay Jay has both. Part of the reason Jay Jay’s services are so highly sought after is because she continually uses the best products, techniques and tools available. This allows Jay Jay to consistently achieve an excellent finish, ensuring every wedding party she works with is happy with the final result.

Every wedding will be different, and there are as many different themes and styles as there are brides. With all her experience and knowledge, Jay Jay is able to work with you to develop a good understanding of the theme of your wedding, after which she can more easily create a look that will accurately reflect the style and feeling that you desire. Other wedding makeup artists in Sydney may only be able to work in one or two generic styles. However, Jay Jay is able to work with any style, from vintage, to modern, to fantasy, and traditional.

If you have a wedding coming up and you are looking for an experienced, professional artist in Sydney to complete your wedding makeup (and that of your wedding party) for you, then why not contact Jay Jay via phone or email? She will be able to answer any queries that you may have.

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